Our Clients

Top Management often ponders what to do with certain Non-Core functions as organisations strive to become leaner and more competitive. Have you considered Outsourcing? We at eOutsource agree that this is a strategic decision and the motivations for outsourcing should be considered carefully. Research shows that organizations are compelled to become more strategic with fewer resources, a trend that has been shown to exist globally.

We have continued to broaden our business sector expertise as well as client base in Nigeria and across Africa. We have built on our strength by creating dedicated teams to fit our clients’ need. We pride ourselves on our success in utilising a range of methodology and listening to what our clients look to achieve. Our thinking is: “tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will make it happen”

Our strategy: Client First, has been so successful that in just a short time, we have gained the trust of a number of companies and organisations. We are proud to say that we are now their preferred Partner. Our clients look out for value in their processes. They want a cost effective solution that is delivered fast, effectively and efficiently. Our Recruitment model makes it easy for our clients to project their costs and plan an effective strategy.